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Date: 23 Apr 2007

Strange enough there is Icelandic noir, even very bleak.
  Well written, low key thrillers/suspenses are the procedurals by Arnaldur Indridason, in a series with chief inspector Erlandur in Reykjavik. Seven novels were produced until now (2006).
  Chile anybody? There is a very good noir writer : Ramon Diaz-Eterovic, with private eye Heredia and Simenon his cat. Dark, nostalgic, moving. Set in Santiago in the after-Pinochet era.
  Cuba? Leonardo Padura and his Havana inspector, Mario Conde, in stories set during the end of the 80s. Extremely well written with some good bluezy atmospheres and social snapshots.
  Mexico? Go for Rolo Diez. An outstanding writer with some atypical "picarequa noir" sagas And a series with inspector Hernandez: atypical, brutal, full of irony and… humanity.
  I suppose you all know Paco Ignacio Taibo II, one of the greats? (came from Argentina).
  Algeria: Yasmina Khadra and his outstanding inspector Lobb quartet.
  Already discussed on this list.
  Italy? There you have Carlo Lucarelli, Cesare Battisti, Andrea Camilleri and many more.
  We could prolong this list: Noir is universal.
    Willow Arune <> a 飲it : Bangkok, Bombay, Canada...

Any information on other strange places where noir can be found?

Is there any South African noir? Brazil? Sure, Australian, but where else can we travel in one dimension? I have heard of a Swedish series. Iceland?


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