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From: Sandra Ruttan (
Date: 18 Apr 2007

On 4/18/07 1:18 PM, "Kerry J. Schooley" <> wrote:
> No plans that I'm aware of. Of course, if the problem was with
> one-half of the editing, as seems likely, then I'd be last to know.
> I've learned to find contentment with the odd bits of critical
> acclaim gathered here and there, and to use them to spout off about
> Canuck Noir when someone says Canada's much too nice a place to host
> such genre trash.

Well, at least I¹m not the only person on the planet with that agenda. Knowing I¹m not alone has me thinking of Pinky and The Brain for some reason. Here¹s to corrupting the masses.

>I notice Akashic has a Toronto Noir at the very bottom of its
>> >forthcoming books schedule, long after Istanbul Noir and Lagos Noir,
>> >although I won't get depressed about the placement because the list
>> >appears to be in alphabetical order.
> I think that is a relatively new trend in noir - or possibly an old
> one still growing - using noir to explore the crime and social scene
> in other societies. I'd very much like to read what's now considered
> noir in Toronto, and hope it's not failing to thank the automatic
> checkout machines at Loblaws.
> What could be more evil?

I wonder who they have writing for this anthology. One hopes they¹ll have some Canadians contributing.


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