RARA-AVIS: a tragic cast of women swallowed up by noir

From: Frederick Zackel ( fzackel@wcnet.org)
Date: 18 Apr 2007

From this morning's LA Times:

Lana Clarkson's fade to black

The slain actress at the center of the Phil Spector trial joins a tragic cast of women swallowed up by noir Hollywood.

By Wesley Strick, WESLEY STRICK is a screenwriter whose credits include
"Cape Fear" (1991) and "Return to Paradise" (1998). His first novel, "Out There in the Dark," was published last year. April 18, 2007


She was the actress who committed suicide by Phil Spector shooting her in the face. Or something like that.

To all my compadres in the noir sunlight, the next beer at the taco truck is on me.

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