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Date: 16 Apr 2007

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> From time to time, I've ordered Canadian and British books that
> available in U.S. stores, amazon, or B&N from
> I've gotten good service and I see
they list
> forthcoming titles through June. You have to know what you're
looking for,
> though, because there isn't much description.
> Joy

And it's right here in sunny Winnipeg. Yes, it does get down into the minus 40's in the depths of winter, but it's still sunny. And we can hit plus 40 in the summer.

Henrietta and Gaylene are wonderful people and operate a very nice place. I tend to haunt their used section, and attend a writers' group each month at the shop. I developed a Saturday morning habit of taking my kids to the Bread & Circuses bakery down the block from Whodunit (and also the place where they hold their larger readings) for warm cinnamon buns. We'd be there when Henrietta opened up, and she'd provide markers and paper for my kids to draw on while I searched the shelves. I believe there's still a print or two posted on the wall, way down low. Not a big noir/hardboiled slant to their stock, but they cover the bases and happily order anything. Unfortunately, I understand they want to retire when the lease is up next year, so if anyone is looking to get into the Canadian bookselling business, this is your opportunity. I believe the asking price is C$95,000, including inventory. Someone step up and be the one whosaved Whodunit.

Jordan in Winnipeg

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