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From: Kerry J. Schooley (
Date: 16 Apr 2007

So how do you hear about Canadian books, and how do you make your decisions?

Inquiring government funded Canadian publishers want to know, Kerry

At 12:51 PM 16/04/2007, you wrote:

> From time to time, I've ordered Canadian and British books that aren't
>available in U.S. stores, amazon, or B&N from
>I've gotten good service and I see they list
>forthcoming titles through June. You have to know what you're looking for,
>though, because there isn't much description.
>Kerry J. Schooley wrote:
> > Regarding the availability of Canadian books in the US, the big
> > titles and recognized authors get picked up by US publishers of
> > course. For the rest, those published by smaller presses, I think
> > distribution is often the problem. Maybe it's my subjective
> > experience, but I often hear of Canadian publishers changing their US
> > distributors, hoping each new one will be more effective than the
> > last. They have no money for advertising and promotion, of course,
> > and the little they get from government agencies is focused within
> > Canada. New publications are almost always available through Amazon,
> > however, even the US Amazon, and older stuff through ABE.
> >
> > I've heard many US crime fiction fans say they'd read Canuck stuff if
> > they could only find it. But I suspect that readers we find at
> > various Cons and on RA are atypically more likely to search out less
> > available material in the genres that interest them. But even then I
> > wonder what efforts folks will go to. I'm very lucky to have a local,
> > independent bookstore with a reputation for finding books in print.
> > He'll even order a few extra copies for his shelves, rather than pass
> > on extra costs for single-copy orders. I find the chains next to
> > useless for ordering books. They don't search beyond their own
> > computer stock lists, and only that far if the clerk happens to have
> > been around the store long enough to learn their own systems before
> > moving up to a job selling jeans at the GAP.

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