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Date: 16 Apr 2007

Reference - Clyde Hood, the King of the affinity frauds:

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  Yes, I do too. Ripping off the righteous took in over $5 million from Kelowna last year, and one year Alpha or Omega took in over $40 million!

  The end of days types really fall hard for that sort of thing. One fellow professed faith from a waterfront home (rented) and naturally sent his kids to Christian school. He decamped with well over $12 million. Clyde Hood and group had a wonderful time, with an associate based in Seattle.

  I know, but if someone has to be the victim, it might as well be...

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>Kelowna is now favoured as a retirement city, due to the normally
>mild weather. It is the fastest growing population in Canada and
>walled and gated communities abound. Old orchards are being ploughed
>up for new residential areas. The lake, many golf courses, winter
>skiing and sports, and more make it a nice place to be, but prices
>are now equal to Vancouver.

  Kelowna, in fact the entire Okanagan Valley, is a dessert
  environment, the fruit crops and orchards there all irrigated with
  water drawn from the series of mountain-fed rivers and lakes that run
  through it. This sort of environment was central to a classic of
  noir, or at least neo-noir (if that's important to you): Chinatown.
  The sequel dealt with unsuitable land development. Always lots of
  potential for noir in land development.

>I have a plot set in Kelowna to take advantage of the large
>evangelical population and affinity fraud, which has been and
>remains a problem for local evangelical churches.

  Ripping off the righteous. I like it.


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