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From: Sandra Ruttan (
Date: 14 Apr 2007

Jordan said: You'd think if this show (Da Vinci¹s Inquest) survived that long, it would've translated into some kind of impact in Canadian noir writing. Someone must've thought there was a market for this kind of story. It wasn't that big of a hit, though, even up here. I suppose foreign markets, obscure cable, government subsidies, Canadian content rules, and hope for a big breakthrough kept it alive.

I was a Cold Squad fan. And talk about the ultimate bleak ending. They were a bit rough their first year, finding their feet, but by season 3 were well into their stride. I think I was optimistic that the show could make it and help push the market in that direction.

As to your other comments, I¹d say any truly noir person would never send out Christmas cards or New Year¹s wishes. All that peace on earth and goodwill to man stuff has no place in noir.

But it¹s only when you embrace hope that you open the door to the possibility of utter despair. Otherwise you can¹t experience futility and loss, and it¹s harder to justify your bleak disposition, imo.


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