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Date: 11 Apr 2007

Certainly Johnson deserves better by today's publishers. It would be nice to see an omnibus volume or three to five of his works as all seem to be out of print. From the reading I have done, he is a writer who should be available for the reasons you cite and more. His work is certainly superior to some that are published today.

I have no idea of how to urge a publisher to do such a project. Perhaps others here do. While rights would have to be negotiated, it seems easy enough to get the rights to Sue's fine article, the rights to three or more of his books (all are short) and go from there. Mysterious Press?

Regards, Willow

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  I second the referenced link
  ( an
  excellent piece on E Richard Johnson by Sue Feder. It is really a fine
  piece of research and summary of Johnson's life and career.

  If there is a note of surprise in this it is because I knew Sue Feder
  for years and had no idea of her interest in such a hardboiled writer,
  much less her correspondence with him. She was known for her
  promotions of and writings about historical mysteries--as witness the
  Ellis Peters collection THE TRINITY CAT published by Crippen & Landru,
  which Sue co-edited. I would have loved to have talked to her about
  Johnson, who I learned from her article was called Emil by his friends
  but by the time I read her piece she was dead from cancer at a too
  early age.

  Johnson's best work is powerful stuff indeed reflecting his intimate
  knowledge of a hard life of crime, which he apparently couldn't escape
  even after he made it with a good publisher and won a parole.

  Richard Moore

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> I tend to browse in local thrifts, one of the few options for books up
> here in the north. I recently came across a novel by E. Richard
> Johnson . MONGO'S BACK IN TOWN turns out to be his second novel. The
> With some digging, I came acorss one good reerence for Johnson:
> There is also an inteview on a French noir site.
> After some further digging, I managed to locate copies of all fo his
> work, including a non-fiction survival book. Too bad he is not better
> known. Granted, not all the novels are good. One is pretty bad but
> the rest do have much to recommend them.


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