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Date: 10 Apr 2007

Indeed, and soon to be a Johnny Depp movie...

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  Willow wrote:

  As to Bombay, a further very long detective story is
  out by Vikram Chardra. As thick as a summer
  blockpuster or War & Peace, this really does take you
  to Bombay, but is a heavy plod with many Indian words
  which fail to get noticed even on a computer

  Thank you for the comments on faraway hardboiled.

  Here recently I read several sections of a book titled
  Shantaram, and it seemed fairly hardboiled and
  interesting. It came out maybe 8 months ago. I can't
  remember the author and I'm not positive about the
  spelling of the title. It is mostly set in the
  criminal underworld of Bombay.


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