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Date: 10 Apr 2007

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> One of them was
> Colby's The Captain Must Die. I think this article is
> also in The Big Book of Noir, or some other collection
> I have.
> Inspired by your article, I'm very carefully (don't
> want it to fall apart) reading it. In spite of what
> seems like a sorta corny title, I'm loving it. I'm
> heading to some of your other recommendations right
> after this one.
> miker
> -----------------
    Bob Colby was a very uneven writer but when he was on he was excellent. He was also a hell of a nice guy. Captain is his best book. Several GM regulars tried similar novels but Colby's was the best I think because he made the war so vivid as the motive for the vengeance. This ws another book that came close to being filmed twice.

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