RARA-AVIS: Newcomer and E. Richard Johnson

From: pangarun ( pangarun@telus.net)
Date: 31 Mar 2007

Hi! I am new to this group. My partner and I live up in northen Canada and both of us are avid bookaholics - so much so that the house is expanding to keep up with books coming in!

I am also a collector - horrid thing that is to admit. So I ahve managed to locate every book by Robert B. Parker and a number of other favourites, including a "new to me" writer - E. Richard Johnson.

As is normal for me, I "discovered" Johnson in a small thrift, a hardcover edition of "Mango's Back in Town". Once I read that one, I was hooked and was fortunate enough to locate a nest of Johnson's titles, including his one non-fiction publication. A change from Spenser and the others, to be sure.

Another recent find, although not "hard boiled" is C.J.Sansom, who writes of the times of Henry VII and his lawyer, a hunchback named Shardlake. Wonderful stuff, with three titles now out.

With all the new writers entering the contest, it is hard to pick out those that are worth reading, so I generally use the thrifts as a
"filter". IF I find a good one there, that writer is added to the list. Most are disappointing. Tired plots and characters that have you bored by page 20 and angry by page 25.

Let's see. Other writers that are up on the shelves include Nelson DeMille (complete even to the older paperbacks before "Rivers"), John Sandford/Camp, Peter Blauner, Giles Blunt, William Coughlin, Chuck Logan, Dennis LeHane, Kathy Reichs, Cornwell and Grisham (we all make mistakes), Martin Cruz Smith Scott Turow, John Dunning and more. I try to get all books by any writer, and then have them signed. With Dunning one has to get his fingerprints!!

Glad to be here...


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