RARA-AVIS: E. Richard Johnson

From: wolansky2006 ( wolansky2006@yahoo.com)
Date: 08 Apr 2007

I tend to browse in local thrifts, one of the few options for books up here in the north. I recently came across a novel by E. Richard Johnson . MONGO'S BACK IN TOWN turns out to be his second novel. The first, SILVER STREET won the EDGAR AWARD.

With some digging, I came acorss one good reerence for Johnson:


There is also an inteview on a French noir site.

After some further digging, I managed to locate copies of all fo his work, including a non-fiction survival book. Too bad he is not better known. Granted, not all the novels are good. One is pretty bad but the rest do have much to recommend them.

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