From: pangarun ( pangarun@telus.net)
Date: 31 Mar 2007

Paul Mann had had a rather undistinquished career as a writer prior to 1993. Four books, run of the mill adventure stuff:

The Libyan Contract (1988) The Beirut Contract (1991) The Traitor's Contract (1991) The Britannia Contract (1993)

The last was "okay", the others best forgotten, and easily done.

Then he hit paydirt with George Santie, a half-Indian, half-Anglo detective in Bombay. Santie first appeared in SEASON OF THE MONSOON in 1993 and that became a NYT "Notable Book" of the same year. It was followed by The Ganja Coast in 1995 and The Burning Ghats in 1996. This was later republished as The Burning Tide. All are enjoyable and the insight into India (notwithstanding a few nasty comments by Amazon critics) is wonderful.

I tried to track Mann down, as the first book says he is in the Ottawa area. Then he moves to Maine. A British ex-pat, he coudl be anwyere, but wherever he is, he has not published since the thrid Santie novel and posts to his publisher go unanswered.

Anyone heard of where Mann might be, or if he is still alive?

As to Bombay, a further very long detective story is out by Vikram Chardra. As thick as a summer blockpuster or War & Peace, this really does take you to Bombay, but is a heavy plod with many Indian words which fail to get noticed even on a computer dictionary.



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