RARA-AVIS: Bangkok

From: pangarun ( pangarun@telus.net)
Date: 31 Mar 2007

Having spent several years in Bangkok, I like reading about the City of Angels and its underworld. More murders than any other SE Asian city and the cowboy mentality is pronounced.

Christopher Moore is a Canadian who lives in Bangkok, as well as other SE Asian countries. NO, not the "You Suck" Moore, but another one. Ten titles now in the series with Vincent Calvino as an American PI in the bar scene in Bangkok.


Moore is not published in North America but he is in Turkey, Germany and other places. You can find him on the Web and order in the books.
 I wonder where no publisher takes him on here - perhaps because the bar segments are far too real - you really have to see a Bangkok bar to believe it. Maybe he is holding out for too much.

I rather like Moore and wish he was published in North America.

A British ex-lawyer also writes about Bangkok, this time with a
*honest* Thai police officer (an oxymoron). John Burdett has thus far doen two books - Bangkok 8 and Bangkok Tattoo, with a thrid soon to be released. Like Moore, he concentrates on the bar scene. One reveiw is at:


There are a few other English writers who do mysteries based in Bangkok, just "one-offs" as a rule. Nothing serious. Bangkok must be the only city were bar girls earn more from former customers than from present ones in a typical month. One job I was offered there was to write letters to the absent lovers, pleading in various ways for money due to a sick mother or accident prone uncle.

The only part of Burdett's series that is far fetched is that his character is an honest policeman. Never found one of those in Bangkok...


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