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Date: 07 Apr 2007

Very kind of you to say so, Vicki. It's not out here yet, though, so I haven't seen anything other than a couple of trailers. I was just replying to Brian's comment on the machine-gun leg. He thought it was stupid and I thought it was funny and it is of course both, depending on who's watching and what kind of mood they're in and their existing prejudices and expectations, etc.

I like Tarantino, though, so that presumably consigns my taste to the dustbin. If not, then how about the fact that I was once a member of the Starsky & Hutch fan club? There you go, see.

To bring the topic back to books (and to continue on the subject of my bad taste), I also really liked BUTTERFLY. I liked PAST ALL DISHONOR, too, which has a terrible rep. The only Cain I've read that I didn't rate at all was LOVE'S LOVELY COUNTERFEIT. But I've by no means read them all. DOUBLE INDEMNITY and SERENADE are my favourites.

I predict Megan Abbott's going to be hugely successful. I've read all three novels and each is better than the previous and the first one was superb. Great covers, too.

A terrific recent discovery who I've not heard much of on this list: Tom Piccirilli. A CHOIR OF ILL CHILDREN blew me away. If you might like very weird Southern Gothic, give it a shot. I'm soon about to get my hands on his novella, FUCKIN' LIE DOWN ALREADY.


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  Knowing how good your taste is, Al, I'm thinking I might give it a try--when
  I get three hours together.

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