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From: Patrick King (
Date: 07 Apr 2007

Nathan, the term "evil" assumes metaphysics which cannot be established empirically. People who bandy about the word "evil" tend to be a little on the mental edge, themselves, in my experience. Because someone performs an act that is not of benefit to you or your extended group does not make them "evil," however inconvenient their actions may have proved to you. If they perform these acts based on twisted logic, though, they are very likely insane. When you say "Prisons are full of entirely sane people," how do you know this? Do you vist prisions frequently? Most of those murderers will be paroled in their lifetime. Will you take them into your home, or rent the apartment upstairs to them while they make the transition from prison life? A man who murders his wife or girlfriend is capable of too much rage for me to give him a second chance, personally. When do you decide a person who's committed murder is "perfectly sane?" Do you think Ilene Wournos was "perfectly sane." If you do, see the Biography Channel's Notorious episode about her with the actual footage of her trial. What about Edward Kemper who murdered co-eds in San Francisco before he killed his mother, set her head on the mantle piece and put her larynx down the garbage disposal? Or Alan Blackthorn who had his ex-wife and the mother of his two daughters murdered while she cared for her infant quintuplets, leaving her butchered corpse for his daughter to discover? The child, of course, knew immediately who'd done it! When do you think someone's insane? How bad does it have to get?

Patrick King
--- Nathan Cain <> wrote:

> I don't see how someone who is a murderer is
> automatically insane. Prisons
> are full of entirely sane people. They may be
> maladjusted, but that doesn't
> equate to crazy by a long shot. Violence is a
> normal, if not socially
> acceptable, response to certain situations, and
> just because someone
> behaves in a way that is non-normative does not make
> them crazy. And people
> who habitually kill people, like Ripley, or Bulger
> or Siegel, aren't crazy.
> They're evil. There's a difference.
> On 4/6/07, Patrick King <> wrote:
> >
> > Miker, you don't have to be drooling and raving
> to be
> > insane! Because Ripley has a unique talent for
> masking
> > his mental problems, does not dismiss them. I have
> > read all the Ripley books, but even in the first
> one,
> > Ripley's complete lack of conscience and empathy,
> his
> > ability to lie bold faced to people who have been
> > extremely kind and helpful to him, his homocidal
> > rages, give every indication of his mental state.
> Do
> > you think Bugsy Seigal or Whitey Bulger are sane
> just
> > because they were clever at playing politics? If
> you
> > do murder to solve your problems, you are not sane
> > whether you're in a mob or an individual. All mobs
> are
> > is group psychosis. That's why they're so
> dangerous.
> > Even if you live a perfectly ordinary life but
> fund it
> > by anti-social behavior, especailly murder for
> hire,
> > is full evidence of decreased mental facility.
> >
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