RARA-AVIS: re Talented Mr Ripley. A Little History: Elliott Chaze

From: Jay Gertzman ( jgertzma@earthlink.net)
Date: 06 Apr 2007

I found Terrill Lankford's statement about Ripley as an accurate representation of the corporate mentality very articulate. Other noir books on corporate behavior are John MacDonald's _A Key to the Suite_ , Max Berry's _Jennifer Government_, and Kenneth Fearing's _The Big Clock_. BTW, The noir writer Elliott Chaze (_Black Wings Has My Angel_) wrote one of the first exposes of Big Tobacco, while a journalist for the Associated Press. His story was based on a study at Johns Hopkins. Most newspapers, including the NY Times, did not run the story. Fear of losing advertising revenue from the tobacco companies. But the AP had sent out a bulletin warning the papers that Chaze's story was
"controversial." See http://www.brasscheck.com/seldes/infact2.html

The year was (cough) 1940.

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