Re: RARA-AVIS: Archaeological noir

Date: 06 Apr 2007

I guess 'archaeological noir' is a bit too esoteric to be a full-fledged sub-genre of noir. With your collective indulgence, I will attempt to re-configure my original query into two different questions.

1) I already mentioned William Arden's Charles Ramsay books. Has anyone read any of them and are they even noir at all?

2) Can anyone recommend any noir that uses academia as a backdrop, i.e. any set on a college or university campus, or even in a museum?

Again, thanks in advance for any thoughts and/or suggestions.

Best, Harry


> Hello Everyone
> Along a similar vein as recent discussions of specific subsets of noir,
> I was wondering if anyone is aware of any archaeological noir that's
> out there, either stand alones or series. I am an archaeologist that
> specializes in the study of prehistoric stone tools excavated in the
> American Southwest, so I'm curious if any archaeological noirs exist
> and if they are any good.
> I know that there are some very non-noir series such as Lyn Hamilton's
> Lara McClintoch books and some series that often have noirish elements
> like Jonathan Gash's Lovejoy or even Tony Hillerman's Joe Leaphorn/Jim
> Chee novels. I've also heard about William Arden's Charles Ramsay
> books but have never read any so I have no idea if they are even
> remotely noir in nature.
> If anyone has any suggestions for some good reads in that fall into the
> relatively small niche of archaeological noir, I would greatly
> appreciate it.
> Thanks in advance.
> Harry

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