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From: lewis1574 ( stevelewis62@cox.net)
Date: 06 Apr 2007

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> I was flipping through the bibliography of Jabari Asim's new book, The N
> Word, when I saw The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow by Richard Wormser. I
> wondered if this could possibly be the same Wormser who wrote for Gold
> Medal. Turns out it is. Along with being an Edgar award winning
> novelist, he's a very well respected maker of documentaries, the first
> of which was about Allen Pinkerton. He's also written books to go with
> some of his films. Has anyone read his biography of Pinkerton? Jim?
> How is it?
> Anyway, here's an interesting, short bio of Wormser for anyone who's
> interested;
> www.pabook.libraries.psu.edu/LitMap/bios/Wormser__Richard.html
> Mark


That bio is in error. There are two Richard Wormser's, and the author of this piece has managed to include one book written by "our" Wormser with the other one she is writing about. From IMDB, the bio page for Wormser I:

Winner of the 1960 and 1971 Spur Awards of the Western Writers of America for Best Juvenile. Editor at and writer for the famous pulp publishing house, Street & Smith, in early career. In the late 1930s moved to California to be a rancher; in the early 1940s served as a mounted patrolman with the U.S. Forest Service in the Palomar Ranger District and the Cleveland National Forest; in the late 1940s a movie scriptwriter. He and his wife also had homes in Arizona and New Mexico. He should not be confused with the former newspaper reporter, writer/producer/director and teacher of film and video production courses, Richard Wormser (b. 22 November 1933) who wrote "Growing up in the Great Depression."

I have wondered about it, but so far I have found no indication that the two men are related.



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