RARA-AVIS: Call for Submissions On Hold

From: Racerick75@aol.com
Date: 05 Apr 2007

Several months ago, I sent out a call for submissions for a collection of essays on the hardboiled and noir PI, which was intended to be titled either "You'll Take It And You'll Like it", or "The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of".
  I received some enthusiastic offers to submit for this project. I deeply appreciate all of your interest, and the submissions which I received.
  I have already emailed some of you personally. However, in order to save time I wanted to reach everyone who had indicated that they planned to write a piece for this book.
  Sadly, for financial reasons that are far too complicated to deal with here, Barbadoes Hall Press has suspended active publishing projects. Our books in print will continue to be available through normal distribution channels, but we are not financially able to take on new projects at this time.
  I was very excited about the ideas I heard from those of you who wanted to participate. This is a lively and highly informed group of hardboiled and noir devotees, and I looked forward to producing an entertaining book.
  Barbadoes Hall Press and Back Alley Books is NOT shutting down operations. In a few months, once we get our heads back above water, we hope to reissue a call for papers. At this time, however, I would simply like to tell you how much I appreciate your interest and any work you might have already put into your submissions. For those who have sent submissions, I will be returning an electronic copy to you, to assure that you have one, and will erase my own copies to protect your intellectual property.
  Thanks again for your support, and keep up the terrific posts here on Rara Avis!
  Richard Helms Three-Time Shamus Award Nominee http://richardhelms.net
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