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Date: 31 Mar 2007

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> This is very interesting -- Steve Fisher is one of the authors whose
> estate I've been trying to track down for years, and I've hit nothing
> but dead ends (despite doing some fairly intensive detective work).
> I understand he was survived by a daughter, but every attempt to
> locate and contact the daughter has ended unsuccessfully. If the
> people behind "Age of Aces Books" have succeeded in tracking down
> Fisher's estate somehow, I would be very interested to find out more.
> If they did not manage to find Fisher's estate, I wonder how they
> were able to secure the right to reprint these stories which by
> default you'd have to assume are not out of copyright.
> --Charles


It is possible that they have contacted those people who have the rights to the stories and titles in the Popular Publications group of magazines. Dare-Devil Aces magazine was a Popular title. I believe that may be how Adventure House gains permission with the Popular Pubs. reprints they publish.

Monte Herridge

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