RARA-AVIS: Re: New book of Steve Fisher stories available

From: hardcasecrime ( editor@hardcasecrime.com)
Date: 31 Mar 2007

This is very interesting -- Steve Fisher is one of the authors whose estate I've been trying to track down for years, and I've hit nothing but dead ends (despite doing some fairly intensive detective work). I understand he was survived by a daughter, but every attempt to locate and contact the daughter has ended unsuccessfully. If the people behind "Age of Aces Books" have succeeded in tracking down Fisher's estate somehow, I would be very interested to find out more.

If they did not manage to find Fisher's estate, I wonder how they were able to secure the right to reprint these stories which by default you'd have to assume are not out of copyright.


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> Some on the list may be interested in this.
> Age of Aces Books - New pulp reprint publisher!
> The mission of Age of Aces Books is to gather together in single
> volumes many of the great series of aviation heroes that ran in
> DARE-DEVIL ACES in the 30's and 40's.
> The first release (available now on Amazon.com) is CAPTAIN BABYFACE:
> THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES by acclaimed hard-boiled writer Steve
> These ten tales tell the story of Captain Jed Garrett, of the US
> Special Agent Corps, and his struggle to defeat the evil German
> genius, Mr.Death. Garrett, known as Captain Babyface because of his
> youthful appearance, is assisted by his dog, Click the hellhound.
> Together, they try to foil Mr. Death's bloodthirsty schemes, which
> threaten defeat for the Allies in WWI.
> For Jed Garrett, his orders are simple: Kill Mr. Death! But who is
> Mr. Death? One of Germany's brightest chemists and inventors, he had
> grown weary of life and entered a monastery near Alsace-Lorraine.
> war came and the monastery was bombed. Severely injured, German
> surgeons patched him back together, though he was left horribly
> disfigured. And now, sworn to vengeance against the Americans, he
> his evil genius for Germany in the "War to End All War."
> Author Steve Fisher is best known for his hardboiled work in BLACK
> MASK MAGAZINE and in novels like "I Wake Up Screaming". In Popular
> Publications long-running aviation pulp DARE-DEVIL ACES, he created
> the ten titanic tales of Captain Babyface. For the first time, they
> are presented together in one volume. This is the first in a series
> from Age of Aces Books that will feature some of the greatest
> pulp heroes of the 1930's.
> Chris Kalb and features Frederick Blakeslee's original
> It is 230 pages and is now available on Amazon.com for $16.99.
> Here's the URL:
> http://www.amazon.com/Captain-Babyface-Adventures-Steve-
> - Duane

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