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Date: 30 Mar 2007

Didn't Dennis Lynds (maybe even Gayle) write Mike Shayne novels? I once worked decades ago for a NYC magazine publisher that included The Saint Magazine in its stable. Of course Charteris never wrote a word of it or edited any of it. I did meet him once when he visited the office.


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> In an article speculating on whether or not Donald Bain had
> ghostwritten
> Margaret Truman's novels (
> Public/Articles/000/000/001/886tuxmk.asp), Jon L Breen wrote:
> "Employing a ghostwriter on a work of fiction is never more dubious
> than
> when the putative author really is a writer. Brett Halliday
> (creator of
> Mike Shayne), Leslie Charteris (creator of the Saint), and Ernest
> Tidyman (creator of Shaft) all turned to ghosts to carry on the
> exploits
> of their famous characters."
> How many Shaft novels were there? I have three: Shaft, Shaft Amongst
> the Jews and Shaft's Big Score. All three are credited to Tidyman,
> though only the first two are copyrighted by him. The third is
> copyrighted by the studio that made the film of that title. I'm
> guessing that means it was a novelization, perhaps (probably?) not by
> Tidyman.
> Also, I haven't read any of these. Are they any good?
> Mark

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