RARA-AVIS: recent purchases

From: DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net
Date: 24 Mar 2007

Had to pick this up in a used bookstore today: Death of a Postmodernist
(1995), by Janice Steinberg. Have no idea if it's any good (it doesn't look very noir or hardboiled, features a female public radio reporter), but I though miker would like the title, and the prologue:

"The Capelli Foundation for Postmodern Art was the kind of place where, if you saw a ton of manure dumped in the courtyard, you couldn't be sure whether to assume someone had a gudge against them or to sneak a look around for the plaque bearing the artist's name and the title of the work. It was a place where the emperor could parade naked and surely people would notice, but no one would be so provinicial as to act shocked. 'Ah, the emperor has no clothes? How interesting.' So it isn't as bizarre as it might sound that several hundred people saw the dead body at the Capelli before anyone realized it wasn't art."

Of course, Sandra Scoppettone (as Jack Early) used the same premise over a decade earlier in A Creative Kind of Killer, where a corpse sat in an art gallery display window.

I also picked up:

Manifesto for the Dead by Domenic Stansberry More Beer by Jakob Arjouni (didn't know a second of his had been translated) The Long Legged Fly by James Sallis (want to reread the Lew Griffin series and it was easier to buy this cheap copy than move boxes around to get to the one I already have) Double Trouble by Prather and Marlowe


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