Re: RARA-AVIS: Postmodernism and literature

From: Robert Elkin (
Date: 23 Mar 2007

--- david david <> wrote:
> Those who care about this stuff might check out
> Lyotard's "The Postmodern Condition" as one
> interesting starting place...

A relatively easy & perhaps not too controversial way of conceiving PM comes from the Lyotard: "Simplifying to the extreme, I define 'postmodern' as incredulity toward metanarratives" (Postmodern Condition xxiv).

> As for what constitutes postmodern fiction, I am not
> sure. So much has been given the label and it's all
> so different....Bartheleme, for one..., wrote some
> stories i like and some that i don't. The one with
> the gerbil at the end was pretty fucking funny.

So was SNOW WHITE (though it's been ten years since I've read it, & so it may well be that to which you refer as "the one with the gerbil").

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