RARA-AVIS: origin of term "cozy"

From: jgertzma@earthlink.net
Date: 23 Mar 2007

Does anyone know who first used the word "cozy" to describe, not necessarily in a negative way, the puzzle-mystery or whodunit type story usually set in a place where the "somebodies" live, and in which the perpetrator is punished and the evil removed from the then-healthy community? I looked up the word in the Oxford Engliah Dictionary but there was no usage listed refering to the mystery story genre. The OED did list the following connotations of "cozy":

-´╗┐cosy seat: upholstered seat for 2 in corner of room (chintz covered sofa, low table)
-adj: warm, sheltered, thus warm. Warmly intimate, friendly, sentimental.
-complacent, parochial
-as verb: to comfort, reassure, delude ("I cozied myself into ...") To ingratiate oneself, to snuggle up to, become friendly with

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