Re: RARA-AVIS: Postmodernism and literature

From: david david (
Date: 22 Mar 2007

Thanks, dude.

I sort of miss the circus already.

which reminds me. Other than Gresham's Nightmare Alley, are there any circus or carnival noirs worth checking out?

--- Michael Robison <> wrote:

> David wrote:
> i never said that "the enlightenment is the reason
> for
> the holocaust." That is a very trite and unfair
> summary of what I said.
> ******************
> Yup. I saw the Enlightenment/Holocaust in my head
> and
> chose to project it over what you said, regardless
> of
> what you meant. I was pretty much going for a
> three-ring circus atmosphere when I should have
> settled down to something a bit more reasonable. I
> apologize.
> Although I snipped the rest of your post, it was
> intelligent and well-reasoned.
> miker
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