Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Has anyone changed noir writing (lately)?

From: Steve Novak (
Date: 20 Mar 2007


...but some other people �simple enjoyment� is �profoundly� linked to this analysis and even if you may find yours �more important� Rara is made of all kinds and I know that from San Pablo Ave to the Loop you must have met many different ones no need yet to enforce or detain...

Montois de D�troit

On 3/20/07 2:05 PM, "JIM DOHERTY" <> wrote:
> ......
> my mainobjection to it is based neither on
> political grounds or on my own reverse snobbery, but
> simply because the incessant analyzing of the thing
> keeps one from simply enjoying it.
> People want to get the shorts twisted over
> structuralism and decontruction and God knows what
> all, it's nothing off me. I'll just go on, in my
> plebian, non-intellectual way, enjoying the books,
> music, and movies I like for reasons that have nothing
> to do with any of that stuff, and which, in my view,
> are profoundly more important than any of that stuff.

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