Re: RARA-AVIS: Postmodernism and literature

Date: 21 Mar 2007


I know you're a huge fan of McCarthy. How does his The Road fit into this? I'm not being sarcastic, really asking the question. I haven't read it (yet), so I really don't know. But the reviews I have read, and some of the comments here, make it sound like it might fit into postmodernism.

As for Foucault's theories of power being inscribed in language, although he can be overly deterministic in his application, is the basic idea really very far removed from Chandler or Hammett's ideas about power's relationship to crime?


ps -- if you do want to try Robbe Grillet, The Erasers is his closest to
(though still not entirely) an orthodox crime novel. The Voyeur would certainly fit in with the books we discuss her, too.

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