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Date: 21 Mar 2007

At 11:55 AM 21/03/2007, you wrote:

>The R-A archives really are a treasure and I hope I'm not the only one
>who visits them whenever I learn of a new author I might enjoy. When
>looking for nuggets I might use to encourage Kerry to read the Lew
>Griffin series from front to back as soon as possible, I found a notice
>of Miker bringing up postmodernism in relation to the series.
>My perhaps faulty impression of many books that are described as
>postmodern is that they are distant, cold affairs that can be
>appreciated for their technical achievments, but for little else. That
>could not be further from the truth when it comes to the Lew Griffin

Thanks for this. I've printed out a bibliography. And my apologies to Miker, for it seems (after reading an earlier black-kettle submission in the archive thread) I have indeed misinterpreted your take on at least this particular postmodernist. I've printed out a bibliography and look forward to digging into the Griffin series to start. Only other thing I can say is, "Man, was that three years ago?" What happens when you're having fun, eh?

Best, Kerry

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