Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Has anyone changed noir writing (lately)?

Date: 20 Mar 2007

Kerry wrote:

"I agree, and I think I said that it is the use of many, many POP references in one book that might be part of creating a post-modern hyper reality."

I'd say hyper-realty goes one step further, where the line becomes blurred between the pop references within the fiction and the fictional world itself. For instance, on the simplest level, Remington Steele used to solve cases by finding a movie that fit what was going on. This was also used on Andy Barker, PI last week. He told several people a woman had hired him to find her husband. Every one of them interrupted him to say, It's not his real wife, haven't you seen Chinatown? These people were living in a hyper-real world where they were forcing reality to conform to the pop references, and it did, thereby confirming their postmodern worldview.


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