Re: RARA-AVIS: Who changed the noir writing ?

From: Tapani Bagge (
Date: 13 Mar 2007

I couldn't finish Mystic River. Too many details, not enough substance, quite average writing. Haven't seen the movie yet, though I bought it on DVD. Haven't read anything else by Lehane. So many better writers to read.

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> I'm with you Mario. I read Mystic River after having greatly enjoyed
> his series books. Not to say it can't be done well, but I'm
> immediately
> skeptical of any book that starts with a prologue set decades earlier.
> So I was quickly on my guard. Still, I was surprised how quickly it
> read. I enjoyed it well enough while I was reading it, but as it
> settled in, things started nagging at me. The whodunnit was not that
> surprising, with some of the red herrings depending upon highly
> contrived coincidences. As many specific details as the characters
> were
> given, they remained far more "types" than individuals. And some of
> the
> gimmicks (like the runaway wife's hang-up calls) were gratutitous and
> annoying. I haven't read another by Lehane since. Still, it was a lot
> better than the movie, which stripped it to its contrivances and
> cliches
> and (unlike most Eastwood-directed movies) allowed its stars to
> chew the
> scenery, especially Award winner Sean Penn -- Bill Murray got robbed
> that year.
> Mark

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