RE : Re: RARA-AVIS: Who changed the noir writing ?

From: E. Borgers (
Date: 13 Mar 2007

I second your opinion on this book.
  Too long, too many unnnecessary details on "secondary-secondary" characters, and a very average story.
  Professional:yes. Outstanding: no.
  But Lehane did worse: "Shutter Island", this one with even more acclaim. A false good story, and episodes that you could find everywhere since a long time.
  Entertainement thriller, maybe. Good lit: ?
  I think Lehane is an overvalued writer, having a lot of readers with limited knowledge of genre lit. Even of lit.
  Why is it so ? I wonder...

Jacques Debierue <> a 飲it :
          --- In, Tim Wohlforth <timwohlforth@...> wrote:
> Character/description: Lehane's Mystic River, arguably the finest
> contemporary crime novel.

Mmmm, I had trouble finishing that one. I didn't find anything original in it. The sense of deja vu was overpowering. I don't understand the praise for this book.




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