Re: RARA-AVIS: Who changed the noir writing ?

Date: 13 Mar 2007

I know I wasn't asked this, but I would recomend Jack O'Connell to anyone on this list. I have just started to re-read Word Made Flesh and already, a few pages in, am being sucked back into his dark world. They're beautifully written, thought-provoking and immensely imaginative. I suppose there's an element of science fiction in the fantastically realised near future of Quinsigamond, which if I remember from earlier discussion on this list, is based on a city or cities of New England.
  I read Box Nine first, and think I have read the rest in order, but they stand alone nonetheless. The James Ellroy recomendation on the cover and the absolutely magnificent paintings used as cover art on the UK editions were a big part of why I first picked O'Connell off the crime section shelves and found a real love-at-first-chapter author, whose next work I can't wait for. Perhaps he could be the writer that David Lynch could film? Discuss, shout at me etc...
  A quick google has just revealed, apart from the fact he shares his name with a Californian politician, that Mr O'Connell runs his own real estate business, strange!
  I wouldn't presume to know where to place him in the context of the rest of hard-boiled/noir (has he influenced anyone else? Is there now an O'Connell school of writing, I must admit I'm not aware of it if it does exist) but if you haven't read him please do give him a try, even if his work proves not to your taste, you'll have an interesting ride.
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