Re: RARA-AVIS: Who changed the noir writing ?

From: Chris M (
Date: 02 Mar 2007

Mark said:
>I forget, was the question who has changed noir writing or who is now
>changing noir writing? While Leonard would certainly fit into the
>former category, isn't he a bit of an old master for the latter?

I haven't chimed in to this thread because, for the most part, the writers I would mention developed their styles before 2000, which was the date we were given to work with. That said, the influence of Leonard looms greatly in my favorite writers today, even though I enjoy his books from the 70s more than his current work. Who could argue the influence that Leonard has had on writers such as Pelecanos, who is among my very favorites to read (others equal the enjoyment I get from a new book of his, but no one exceeds it).

Sallis' Lew Griffin series debuted before the turn of the century, but his current work remains no less relevant. He's already been mentioned, but Ken Bruen consistently delights with his books, though I am not sure I will like the writers that are influenced by his style down the road (this is not a knock on Ken. At all).

Is there anyone who has debuted since 2000 (and yes the date is arbitrary) who is blowing other Avians away? If so, please share.

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