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From: Patrick King (
Date: 27 Feb 2007

Allan Guthrie wrote: Racists believe they're right. Intrinsically.
***** They also believe they are a priori "superior" to other races. They believe in an hierarchial racial structure in which "they" are at the top. Insecurity is a fundamental aspect of the racist thought process. If they were really "superior" why would they have to be so vigilant and authoritarian in keeping "lesser beings" in their place? If there were a natural hierarchy each being would just be in their place. racism is a fundamentally flawed style of thinking.

Patrick King
--- Allan Guthrie <> wrote:

> I'm sure there might be circumstances where you
> might kill someone if you thought it was wrong, but
> I'd guess that the vast majority of rational beings
> would choose to avoid killing someone if that was
> the case (otherwise, unless coerced, why do it?). In
> much the same way as you wouldn't be a racist if you
> thought it was wrong to be one. Racists believe
> they're right. Intrinsically.
> Al
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> Allan Guthrie wrote:
> Sadly, no. If there was, we wouldn't need laws and
> a
> police force, capital punishment wouldn't exist,
> and
> we'd all be safe walking around the streets at
> night
> without a machete and a coffee grinder.
> ***************
> I don't understand your reasoning. You're saying
> that
> if those things were intrinsically wrong nobody
> would
> do them?
> miker
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