RARA-AVIS: HELLERY BROWN _ a real Scottish author or a fantasy?

From: E. Borgers ( webeurop@yahoo.fr)
Date: 27 Feb 2007

I have serious doubts about the existence of a mystery writer, claimed to be born in Scotland in 1869, named HELLERY BROWN.
  I could not find traces about him in my many reference books, nor on the Internet except there for… Italian publications ! Many Italian sites speak of this author.
  -does somebody knows something else about Hellery Brown than the short bio found in Italian texts (see hereunder) ?
  -could it be a pseudonym for a non-British writer??
  -is it simply a kind of fallacy launched in Italy by some writer or publisher (apparently at least two books are still published) ?
  Any fact is welcome.
  BIO (copy)
  "Hellery Brown seems to be born in a shabby quarter of Edinburgh around 1869. He died the year England declared war to Germany at the age of 43 in mysterious circumstances. His corpse was found in the Calanais Stone's circle, in the shade of the thirteen stones. As a passionate of occult sciences, he devoted himself to the study of philosophical and religious truth through esoteric and gnostic revelations. He took part of a limited group of initiates that practised ancient Celtic rites. He wrote some novels that were destroyed by a mysterious stake. It seems that only a few manuscripts were drawn in safe by somebody that jealously conserves them in an abandoned abbey in Scotland. Two manuscripts were stolen from there: his presumably first manuscript "The wet-winged butterfly" and "Deep Unconscious" "end"
  ( http://www.neftasia.com/It/ClubAutoriNarrativaDetails.aspx?Id=67 )

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