Re: RARA-AVIS: RE : Lolita and noir

Date: 26 Feb 2007


"First, I am not 'oblivious' to the humor in Lolita. I simply don't believe humor is the main objective of the novel as it is in Jeeves Takes Charge for example. Others have referred to Lolita as 'a very funny novel.' It is not a funny novel. It is a novel that is seasoned with mild humor to take the edge off the very weighty questions it poses about European and American society in the 1950s. . . ."

I haven't read Lolita (though now I'm very interested), but I'm increasingly getting the impression you believe "funny" and "weighty" are mutually exclusive. Which is Mark Twain? Lewis Carroll? Jonathan Swift? Oscar Wilde? Or, bringing it closer to home, Charles Willeford? I see no reason something can't be both.


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