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From: Kerry J. Schooley (
Date: 26 Feb 2007

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>So there's nothing intrinsically wrong with murder,
>rape, racism, and sticking your gum underneath the
>restaurant table?

Much as I'd like to think that these things are intrinsically wrong, I have to recognize that there are entire structures with their moral supports that suggest it's okay to bomb an entire city in order to kill one person considered to be evil, that sex is an absolute right and submission a moral obligation, that slavery or subsistent wages for visible minorities is an economic necessity and that removing the gum from beneath restaurant tables can provide meaningful employment for the unskilled.

The first half of the twentieth century is a history of deliberate mass slaughter at unprecedented rates. The second half, as a direct result (technological advance from war research, war industry investment, rebuilding defeated economies, population recovery,) has seen unprecedented economic development, and relatively broadly based, too. These wars were supported by most of our religious and governmental institutions. It's this moral dilemma that inspires much of Hardboiled and Noir crime fiction.

Anyway, in a few years all this speculation about the human character will be moot. A couple of grad students in some OR will map the entire human brain with a couple of electric probes and a cell phone camera. Then we'll have our absolutes, no?

Best, Kerry

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