Re: RARA-AVIS: morality & the unreliable narrator

From: Sandra Ruttan (
Date: 24 Feb 2007

It¹s not quite that simple in court ­ you aren¹t stuck with one narrator who can spin things their way.

I just read Alain Mbanckou¹s African Psycho. I had a certain level of sympathy for Gregoire as a victim, but I¹d convict him in a heartbeat. He¹d be one guy I¹d be willing to give extra time to for evil thoughts. I wouldn¹t recommend it to anyone who wants their art to be moral, though. Otherwise, very interesting read. I won¹t say more, as I¹ve yet to write up my review.

On 2/24/07 12:28 PM, "Frederick Zackel" <> wrote:
> And 90% of the students don't get it: because he is the only narrator, they
> sympathize with Montressor. Fortunado MUST HAVE REALLY DESERVED TO BE
> WALLED UP, else why would anybody wall the guy up?
> I collect their papers, then howl, "I want you on my jury!!! You just sided
> with a psychopath."
> At which point, each one gets an epiphany. Oops.
> My two cents.
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