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Date: 23 Feb 2007

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>And the creator, Graham Yost (son of Elwy and writer of SPEED) can
>talk all he wants about Chandler, but he grew up in Toronto, where he
>probably watched SEEING THINGS as a kid, a great quirky Canadian
>comedy about a nebbish of a reporter (played with great timing by
>Louis del Grande) who had visions he couldn't control.

I remember laughing at del Grande's quips at the time. I wonder why this show isn't re-run on specialty channels etc. like so many others? I also wonder, despite the number of Canuck subscribers, discussions abruptly stop in this forum when ideas or people are traced back to Canadian sources. Am I being too nationally sensitive do you think, or would it help if we recalled that del Grande was a transplant from someplace to the south? I seem to remember part of the show PR being about how the humour was atypically but delightfully unreserved for Canadian television production.

On another, but soon to be related topic, do you remember Brad Smith whose first and only short story appeared in ICED, the same Canuck Noir anthology as your own first story was in? I've discovered in the Globe & Mail Books section
( this week that he now has his fourth book (actually his fifth) out titled "Big Man Coming Down the Road." Gonna have to hike down to my bookstore for this one. All three of his previous crime novels have been optioned for movies, with "All Hat" in post-production. I tell you, in a few months or a year you and I are gonna say we knew him when, then watch the conversation shift.

Best, Kerry

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