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Date: 16 Feb 2007

Not to mention Patricia Highsmith's masterpiece first novel, Strangers On A Train. I do think Hitchcock did justice to that story. His film by the same title is a cinematic masterpiece, as well.

Patrick King
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> > And just as briefly, in a Hitchcock biography I
> read he said the best
> movies are made
> > from mediocre books. Hitch points to Psycho and
> The Birds as
> examples.
> That's interesting. Hitchcock credits PSYCHO as
> being all from Robert
> Bloch's excellent short novel, in his book-length
> interview with
> Truffaut. But perhaps that was in part a way
> dressing down Joseph
> Stefano, the overly self-regarding
> scriptwriter-adapter. Either way,
> the novel is better than the film.
> Daphne Du Maurier's "The Birds" is a short story.
> It's also superior to
> the film (rather easier in this case), even though
> Evan Hunter credited
> Hitchcock with giving him an education in
> screenwriting in expanding
> the concept for the script, in Hunter's FRESH AIR
> (NPR) interview.
> Todd Mason

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