RARA-AVIS: Re: Sports Noir: William C. Gault as adult sports novelist: Crider

From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 16 Feb 2007

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> > In response to Todd Mason's comment about how he'd like to get
> hands on
> > William Campbell Gault's sports novels that one of them, FAIR
> was
> > published under the pen name Will Duke. It's a Graphic Books
> original. The
> > sport is golf, and it's not noir.
> Thanks, Bill! I'm certainly familiar with Gault's sports-pulp
> fiction and YA sports fiction novels, but that he published no-
> about-it adult sports fiction novels seemed likely, but I didn't
> the wit to ask Richard or anyone previously.
> Todd Mason

Hey, I guess you just did ask. I would suggest Gault's third novel THE CANVAS COFFIN (1953, Dutton with Dell reprint) which starts out this way:

"I remember he hit me with a high right hand about halfway through the seventh round. That's really all Charley ever had, that right hand; it's what kept him from the title and now it was keeping him in beat-out blondes. A great spoiler, Charley had been."

Gault always knew how to open a story. I read that and know right off that it's the real deal. I miss that cranky old bastard.

Richard Moore

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