RARA-AVIS: Re: Sports Noir

From: Channing ( filmtroll@sbcglobal.net)
Date: 15 Feb 2007

Wow, this is why I love this site. I ask a simple question about sports noir books and I get 30+ books I never even knew existed. Thanks everyone. Keep 'em coming. I'll spend the next year tracking down and reading them.

Boxing works great in noir due to the inherent violence, the old-days mafia connections and the way broken down fighters are discarded. Even today it's got a shadowy reputation with the Don King's of the world running it.

I've read a few Hard-boiled books with ex-boxers and jocks as the detectives which makes sense. Someone who used to beat people up for a job makes for a tough protagonist.

Just briefly, Chandler's quotes about Cain remind me why I love the guy. He was a great writer and really knows how to make a snappy put-down. Marlowe does a lot of that in the books.

And just as briefly, in a Hitchcock biography I read he said the best movies are made from mediocre books. Hitch points to Psycho and The Birds as examples.


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