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From: Anders Engwall (
Date: 14 Feb 2007

Dan Kavanagh's "Putting the Boot In" is set in the world of British football
(that's "soccer" to some of you). It may perhaps not count as noir, but it's certainly hardboiled enough to merit a mention here anyway.

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I'm currently enjoying Leonard Gardner's "Fat City" about the seedy boxing world in Stockton, CA. And I recently read and loved Gerald Kersh's "Night And the City" which had a good amount of seedy wrestling. Does anyone recommend any other sports noir books? Or if there even are any? There's nothing more low-down and gritty than a locker room, in a world where winning and losing is everything. Why aren't there more noir sports stories? There have been quite a few noirish boxing movies, but where are the books?


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