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From: Richard Moore (
Date: 12 Feb 2007

Wow. That was my first reaction. I read it again and had the same reaction. Wow. The post you are responding to was my second saying as clearly as I can that we find humor in different ways and in different places and there is no purpose in discussing it further. If I had any doubts about that you've removed them. We are headed in different directions but sail on, brother.

Richard Moore

--- In, Patrick King <abrasax93@...> wrote:
> Okay, but there's a lot more humor in Thompson's
> Recoil, when Pat has to get that corpse out of the
> elevator, or in Highsmith's Ripley Underground when
> Ripley is trying to get the corpse out of his wine
> cellar in the wheelbarrow and it keeps falling over,
> than there is anywhere in Lolita. Lolita is a
> psychological study of one type of child
> molester...and the child he molests, for in Lolita,
> the child is NOT innocent. Nabokov makes Humbert a
> tragic but not detestable figure. Clair Quilty is much
> easier to hate than Humbert is. One can even relate in
> some ways to Humbert's problem. In the wide world
> there is some crazy denial that children don't think
> about sex until they're 16 or so. Anyone's who's
> actually lived life knows children experiment with sex
> much much younger than that. That adults have a
> responsibility to control their behavior with children
> is the given. That some adults cannot and why, is the
> subject of the novel. I'm sure there were passages in
> Lolita that made me smile, but I would not catagorize
> Lolita as a "very funny" novel. Any more than the life
> of Paul Shanley was a very funny life.
> Patrick King
> --- Richard Moore <moorich@...> wrote:
> > --- In, Patrick King
> > <abrasax93@> wrote:
> > >
> > > Could you possibly quote some of the especially
> > > hillarious passages you recall so I can understand
> > at
> > > least what you mean?
> >
> > If you are expecting me to quote a few
> > knee-slappers, that isn't going
> > to happen. Dissecting humor is a grim task that
> > kills the object of
> > the examination and it is the sort of academic
> > exercise that I find
> > tedious in the extreme. As I said before, I respect
> > your opinion but
> > we clearly find humor at times in different ways and
> > in different
> > places.
> >
> > Richard Moore
> >
> >
> >
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