Re: RARA-AVIS: Noir Panel at LCC

From: Charlie Williams (
Date: 08 Feb 2007

Anyone is entitled to take a potshot at anyone, as long as they don't make it personal and are prepared for the backlash if it backfires. Looks like this potshot has backfired. I wouldn't call Ken Bruen untouchable but he is loved by so many in the genre. Remember where he came from - RILKE ON BLACK, HER LAST CALL TO LOUIS MACNIECE, THE HACKMAN BLUES. Those babies are classics. I don't recall anyone calling him a hanger-on back then. Bruen is loved because he is simply a great and original writer. He writes from a place that no one else does, and he has his own style. This is what wins the awards, not hanging around with snotty nosed upstarts like... well, me.

Actually I've never met the guy. But that's my loss (and one I hope to redeem some day), because he's a star of the genre. And he can write us all under the table.

Charlie Williams.


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