RARA-AVIS: Re: Vanity Fair piece

From: uplandharmabooks ( uplandharmabooks@yahoo.com)
Date: 05 Feb 2007

The photos look gorgeous. Being an Annie Liebovitz fan and a noir fan I'm going to have to buy this issue. I think it just re-enforces bookbitch's nomination of Bruce Willis for Marlowe. Now that he's older he's able to do world weary very well, still has the edge for toughness, and can do the occasional smartass remark with the best of them; all of which I think suit Marlowe to a tee. I second the nomination for Bruce Willis!


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> Vanity Fair has put together a video feature called "Killers Kill,
Dead Men Die," based on the Annie Liebovitz photography for the magazine's upcoming Hollywood issue. It's a film noir pastiche complete with hardboiled voiceover featuring contemporary stars -- Bruce Willis, Aaron Eckhart, Naomi Watts, plenty more -- in period drag doing the "down these mean streets" thing. It's a bit cheesy, sure. But it should provide new fodder for the who-should-play-Marlowe sweepstakes. http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/video/2007/killerskill_video200703Vince Keenanwww.vincekeenan.comPop culture, high and low, past and present.One day at a time.
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