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Date: 05 Feb 2007

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>The reference in the last 2 lines of my quoted post
>are from a poem by Robert Burns. After making The Long
>Goodbye, Gould recorded audio books of all of
>Chandler's novels. If he was not trying to cast
>himself as the modern Marlow, he certainly did an
>awful lot of work in that direction.
>Patrick King

Gould recorded the audio books 14 years after he made The Long Goodbye. I guess he was taking his sweet time in his quest to be the modern Marlow(e).

I know Gould is very proud of The Long Goodbye. And I'm sure he would have liked to have played the character again. But as of this time the audio books are as close as he's come to doing that. I would suggest that his involvement with The Long Goodbye probably made him a good choice for a celebrity reader of those books, which were produced by actress Deborah Raffin and her husband Michael Viner for their company Dove books. Once again, Elliot Gould did not produce the audio books and he did not initiate their creation. He did, however, read them when the job was offered to him.

You're not going to equate reading audio books with being a "leading man" in motion pictures now, are you?


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