From: Mike White ( cinemart_temp@yahoo.com)
Date: 01 Feb 2007

That's the story I've read as well. It is one of the most unusual Goodis books that I've read as it's so concerned with the police character and not the criminal element. OF MISSING PERSONS was made into a film by Pierre Chenal but Goodis isn't given a writing credit. The majority of the movie concerns itself with the case that the police character is tacitly investigating. This same story would be told on an episode of "Bourbon Street Beat" credited to a Goodis story. The episode is called "False Identity" and even uses character names from OF MISSING PERSONS, specifically the missing man, John Nichols.

I just wrote to Adrian Wooten about this last week and he says that the Goodis screenplay (as well as almost all of his unproduced scripts) are no where to be found.


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